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Full name Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis
Appearances Alpha's egg
When it lived 102-89 million years ago
Where it lived Egypt, Morroco, Tunisia, Libya, Niger and Algeria


Carcharodontosaurus (identified as carcharodontosaur) is the biggest carnivore in the show. Measuring at 46 feet long. It has tiny three fingered arms and a giant head. In its strong jaws are huge serrated, very shark-like teeth. Despite its size, carcharodontosaurs are quite fast. Males appear bright red, while females are greyish-yellow. Carcharodontosaurus was one of the largest predatory dinosaurs, around the same size as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus, but smaller than Spinosaurus. Reaching anywhere from 41-46 feet in length, 12.1- 16.8 feet in height, and weighing as much as 4.2-10.5 tons, Carcharodontosaurus was relatively large. It had one of the largest (longest) skulls of any predatory dinosaur.


Carcharadontosaurs are the top predator of their enviroment. It hunts animals like saltasaurs with ease and has little competiton from aucasaurs.


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Carcharodontosaurus makes an appearance in Episode 4 of Dinosaur Planet. It is rarely seen in the episode. Two Carcharodontosaurus appear at the beginning, when two Aucasaurs feed on a dead Saltasaurus. Using their size, they scare off the Aucasaurs and bellow huge roars. Then, they feed on the dead Saltasaurus. Carcharodontosaurus appears in the middle of the episode, as well. The same pair that scared off Dragonfly and his mate(the aucasaurus pair) ambush Alpha's herd. The elderly female Saltasaurus is caught by the pair and devoured.


Carcharadontosaurus did not live in South America as shown in the show but in, North Africa. It is possible the animal on the show is Tyrannotitan or even Giganotosaurus.