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Tyrannosaurus DP by DinoHunter000

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a species of theropod dinosaur part of a tyrannosaur family. Despite their appearances, they are not carnosaurs, but part of a oelurosaurid group. Tyrannosaurus Rex was the dominant predator of North America during thd Late Cretaceous period. It sadly went extinct like other dinosaurs, except birds.


  • Tyrannosaurus Rex likely didn't evolved from Daspletosaurus as Tyrannosaurus likely was an invasive species from Asia as recent studies showed.
  • Tyrannosaurus didn't have pronated hands, same true goes with almost all theropods (even raptors didn't have pronated hands).
  • Tyrannosaurus was likely covered in feathers, much like Daspletosaurus and many other tyrannosaurs but this is debatable.